Now You Can Gamble AND Recharge Your Device At Palace Station Las Vegas

Dated: 01/09/2018

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Nothing's worse than realizing your device has less than 10 percent battery life left. And that's especially bad when you're on a hot streak at the Vegas tables!

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Station Casinos has fixed this, fortunately.  Palace Station's $191 million modernization plan include 32  new gaming tables that include smart phone charging stations with six outlets. That's one for every spot at the blackjack table.

Unfortunately, there are no assigned spots at roulette and craps tables, so they don't have the charging outlets.

Station Casinos recently bought the Palms Casino Resort. The locals gaming company already added 17 new gaming tables with USB charging ports at the Palms. When the renovation is complete, 40 gaming tables with have them.

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How did we ever live in Vegas without them?

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